Veeland, The New Speedy Alien In Hover: Revolt Of Gamers, Is Tricky To Handle


    Alpha 3.0 for futuristic multiplayer parkour game Hover: Revolt of Gamers has now rolled out on Steam Early Access.


    It brings with it a new character called Veelan. She’s a fast-running alien and, in fact, so fast that she’s deliberately made a little tricky to handle. That said, if you can get a grip on her speed then you should be able to beat some personal records. Veelan also has her own stories and set of missions.


    The update also brings an entirely redesigned Hover City that should run smoother with a better constant frame rate. The city also now has a full day and night cycle as well as more NPCs wandering the streets.


    Lastly, a new tutorial is said to be a little more fun and also “much more explicit about the game core gameplay and commands.” You can purchase Hover: Revolt of Gamers on Steam Early Access.

    Chris Priestman

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