Video Games You Will Never Play Delves Into The World Of Cancelled Games



Video Games You Will Never Play is a new book that details the histories and stories behind cancelled games. Drawn from the work of writers at Unseen64, a website that archives beta and cancelled games, it chronicles the short lives of over 200 cancelled games from the 90’s computer and 8-bit era all the way to the last generation of consoles.


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The book covers the stories behind the planned Halo game for the DS, has concept art for the cancelled Maximo game that was in the works for N64, details the crumbling of Jade Empire 2, and digs into the details of many more cancelled games. It also details the processes that have gone into preserving these unfinished games and their histories.


The nearly 500 page book is available from Amazon and Createspace through links on the Unseen 64 site.

Alistair Wong
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