Visit Stonehenge In Ace Combat Infinity. No, Not That Stonehenge

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Namco Bandai gave us a new look at Ace Combat Infinity. In these video, we get to see parts of the story mode as your rookie pilot, a member of Bone Arrow squadron, goes on a bombing mission to take out a facility codenamed Stonehenge – a huge battery of massive railguns capable of mass destruction.



This video shows an aerial dogfighting mission called the Great Migration.



Ace Combat Infinity is a free to play and you get the single player story mode for free. Instead of a versus mode, the game has cooperative multiplayer where you join a squad of four pilots and fight against another team of four to see who can shoot down the most planes. Ace Combat Infinity’s multiplayer mode has an "energy system" with each flight consuming some fuel before you take off. Fuel recovers over time, but players who want to jump right back into the game can purchase fuel and other items.

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