Visual Novel ChuShingura46+1 Looking To Release In English on Steam



ChuShingura46+1, a Japanese visual novel in which a high schooler goes back in time and finds himself living out the historical story of the 47 Ronin (but the Ronin are now entirely female), is looking for votes on Steam Greenlight in its efforts to release an English localization.




ChuShingura46+1 draws from actual historical events surrounding the Ako incident, wherein loyal samurai sought revenge and restored honor for their fallen master, but changes the story so that all of the samurai are women. The story has also been changed to be a little lighter, using comedy, romance, and fantasy to explore a more intimate side of the events.




A Kickstarter was started to help fund translation for the project but has since been cancelled due to receiving outside funding. A new Kickstarter is forthcoming with a restructured reward structure and funding goal.

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