Visual Novel Da Capo 3 R Explores Different Tales Of Romance



Visual novel Da Capo 3 R explores many different tales of love and attraction, having players work through stories of working at a high school newspaper, dealing with cryptic messages from the past, and living life as a student at a magical academy.




Da Capo 3 R offers many different characters and stories to get to know over the game’s eighty hours of scenes and conversations. Players will meet allies, rivals, mentors, peers, love interests, and many other people as they play through the complicated storylines.


Players will get closer to several different women over the course of the game’s varied plots, from the ones they meet while searching for answers to an old mystery in the newspaper club at Kazami Academy to the magical classmates of Royal London Magic Academy.




Da Capo 3 R is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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