Visual Novel The Falconers: Moonlight Stars A 19th Century Monster Hunter



Players will join Cassandra on her first solo monster hunting mission as a Falconer, fighting against the strange creatures that have come to kill people in a 19th century New Zealand mining town in visual novel The Falconers: Moonlight.




Eighty people have gone missing, or are possibly dead, and the source is believed to be a mist-covered forest nearby. It’s up to Cassandra to get clues from the locals and then hunt these monsters down, or find the truth that hides in the gray fog.


The Falconers delve into bits of true history with some fictional, supernatural elements mixed in. They are based out of various countries in European empires, and their mandate is to protect colonists from the various dark elements that exist in the new frontiers they are exploring.




A demo is available for The Falconers: Moonlight on, and the game is also raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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