Visual Novel Honey Rose Shows Off Its Schoolgirl Wrestling Action In First Trailer


Pierre Sylvain has released the first trailer for his upcoming beat-‘em-up and visual novel Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire.


As Siliconera has covered previously, Honey Rose has you playing as a student who has to juggle her wrestling matches with attending class and graduating. This means you’ll have to work on two sets of stats for the titular schoolgirl.


While the action segments of Honey Rose look like a traditional 1v1 fighting game they are quite different. For starters, your aim is mostly to provide good showmanship and that involves being stylish and dramatic.


“The animation style is meant to complement this, helping define a slower rhythm to battles where you’re not trying to input frame precise commands, but rather chain movements aesthetically and in reaction to the situation to gather style points,” Sylvain told Siliconera previously.


Sylvain is hoping to get Honey Rose out for PC in 2016. You can follow its development on its website and Twitter.

Chris Priestman