Visual Novel Meets Luchador 2D Beat ‘Em Up In Honey Rose: UFE



Honey Rose: Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire follows student and upcoming wrestler Honey Rose.


Honey dreams of becoming a top luchador wrestler and so she competes in underground fighting competitions. However, she still attends school and needs to do well to keep her parents happy.


This splits the game into two, as during the day you make choices managing the daily life of Honey as she prepares for tests by raising her academical prowess. This bit plays like a visual novel.


After school, Honey dons her mask and takes to the ring. This plays like a traditional fighting game as you face opponents in 1v1 matches using wrestling moves.


At times, you’ll also have to play as Honey in bigger fights outside of the ring against many opponents, perhaps to get her stolen suit back, or to defend the innocent.


Honey Rose will be heading to PC whenever it is done. The game is entirely hand-drawn and animated by freelance illustrator Pehesse in Construct 2. Follow its website for more development updates.

Chris Priestman