Visual Novel Yume No Sono To Get A Multimedia Concept Album


Sekai Project has revealed that upcoming visual novel Yume no Sono will get a multimedia concept album comprising music and a short book. You can watch a sample above.


The album will be titled “Yume No Sonu – Zensoukyoku Crossfade.” It will “weave the original tale of the first contact in the dreamworld between Iris Stella Marinari and Tomii Reika” – the two protagonists in Yume no Sonu.


To recap, Iris is from 2017 while Reika is from 1945, and they both run away from their own worlds by escaping into their dreams. They end up meeting on the outskirts of the ghost town Sumaq Urqu and must travel together to find a way inside.


Both Yume no Sono and Zensoukyoku Crossfade do not currently have release dates.

Chris Priestman