Visual Novel/Fighting Game Shuyan Saga Turns A Pampered Princess Into A Kung Fu Master


Shuyan Saga will have players guiding Shuyan, a pampered princess, in her journey to learn martial arts in order to defeat the Guer horde, stopping the destruction of the Five Kingdoms.


Shuyan Saga is split into several play styles, with players making decisions and guiding the story in visual novel segments. When words will no longer work, the game will change to a 3D beat ‘em up style, where Shuyan can use her budding martial arts skills to take out enemies in live combat, or a more focused, fighting game style where she battles against a single opponent.

The combat of Shuyan Saga has been informed by real martial arts masters, offering soft and hard Kung Fu and three hundred different combat animations captured from live fighters. This aims to add a touch of authenticity to the combat, as well as show the princess’ growth in combat power.


Shuyan Saga is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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