This Vita Game Is About Competitive Treasure Hunting

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Last month, we heard about a new free-to-play PlayStation Vita game, where players will be involved in some sort of fight for treasure in real life places such as Shibuya and Akihabara.


Dash or Takeover is the title, and its official website shares the latest on its story and main characters.


The year is 2080. Over time, due to physical conditions and technologies from different countries, various competitive sports have become one-sided, which in turn caused a severe slump in their popularity on a global scale.


That was, until a brand new system called “digital sports” came to be, where mankind could use avatars to compete, eliminating the unfair advantages of ethnic body builds and technology.


Kyoya Shintou is a bit anti-social, which leads to him coming off as a bit of a cold person. Unless he finds something interesting, he doesn’t pay any attention to it; however, once he decides on something, he’ll stick to it at all costs.


Both of his parents have passed away, so he currently lives alone with his sister, who is currently sick and hospitalized. He’ll be competing in the digital sport called “Dash” to win money to pay for her surgery.


Unlike Kyoya, Hiyori Terazono is a bright and cheerful social butterfly who likes helping others. She’s a warm and gentle girl, but when things get serious, so does her personality.


She has an older brother who seems to have disappeared. When she told others that she was going to participate in Dash, most of them were against it, but after hearing that her brother was seen on Dash, there was no stopping her.


Dash or Takeover is slated for release on February 27, 2014 for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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