Vitamin Y mini-game screenshotIt has only been a few months since a port of Vitamin X, Vitamin X Evolution, appeared on the DS. Like all Japanese dating games for girls, it did pretty well in Japan. In fact, it did so well that HuneX and D3 Publisher decided to do it again with Vitamin Y Super Supplement Minigames with B6 & T6.


Rather than being a straight visual novel/dating sim, like both Vitamin X and Vitamin X Evolution, Vitamin Y is a mini-game adventure title. Vitamin Y is set in the same school and features all of the Vitamin X characters. Its time for the school cultural festival, and the troublemakers of Class X (referred to as B6 in the title) initially want nothing to do with the event. However, the teacher (referred to as T6 in the title), manages to get everyone together to participate.


So players will have to progress through 26 mini-games and try to make Class X the most successful. So far screenshots from only one of the mini-games have been released. It appears to be a sort of delivery game, with the teacher acting as a waitress on the bottom screen. She must navigate past other waiters to reach the “in” point within a time period. The top screen shows one of the Vitamin X guys in some sort of costume.


I’m sure more information on the assorted mini-games will come to light soon, as the game is scheduled for an October 31, 2008 release. Since the focus seems to be on mini-games, it will probably be much more import-friendly than the original Vitamin X Evolution, which required extensive Japanese language skills to complete.


Images courtesy of D3 Publisher.

Jenni Lada
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