Viz Media Shares More Free Anime Series Episodes on YouTube

viz media free anime episodes

Viz Media uploaded several long-running anime series’ episodes onto its official YouTube channel for free. These are the subbed versions. Not all of the shows are complete. But it is unclear if Viz Media will upload the missing seasons some time in the future, or if there are licensing issues involved. [Thanks, MangaAlerts!]

The anime shows’ episodes that you will be able to watch for free on Viz Media’s YouTube are:

For the Inuyasha uploads, you can watch all of the movies as well. It is the only one for which Viz Media has uploaded the theatrical releases. As an aside, these videos are region-locked. They are only available for those in the US.

If you do not wish to manually go through Viz Media’s catalog, each show has its own playlist. While these are not current shows, they are popular “classic” ones. The complete series of some of them, such as Death Note or Hunter x Hunter 2011, are already available on services such as Netflix and Crunchyroll. However, users will need to have a paid account in order to watch them.

You can watch the above anime for free on Viz Media’s official YouTube channel. Aside from anime, Viz Media also localizes books such as Stone Ocean and the Spy x Family fanbook.

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