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Voice-Ore VTuber Agency to Close Down Next Month

Voice-Ore, a VTuber agency that focuses on developing its performers as voice actors, will close down on June 30, 2024. The announcement on X (Twitter) went into more details about this shutdown, as well as what will happen to its current talents.

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The announcement started with Voice-Ore stating that it will close down, which will in turn cause some fanclub sites to become inaccessible for a while. Voice-Ore and each Vtuber will give more information on what will happen to those fanclub sites in the future. It also thanked everyone—fans, employees, and people who have worked with Voice-Ore talents—for all of their support over the years.

All of the current VTubers with Voice-Ore will graduate, and Voice-Ore will hand them the rights to their IP. These VTubers are:

  • Asagi Saki
  • Awahoshi Yura
  • Benikaba Sakura
  • Kogane Himukai
  • Lunon Azu
  • Mili Mirror
  • Subekaraku Okapi
  • Sumirezaki Rin

It will also stop supporting the voice acting work for Amatsuka Uto and Koito Ria (Mikeneko). 

The company started in late August 2020, with the first talents debuting in February 2021. The aforementioned Amatsuka Uto and Koito Ria (who took on that name while maintaining Mikeneko as a separate entity) joined the company as independent VTubers. While the agency states that these VTubers can market their skills as voice artists, Voice-Ore VTubers usually stream normal content such as zatsudan or games, as well as upload covers.

Voice-Ore will close down on June 30, 2024.

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