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void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium Shows What Might Happen If You Don’t Take Care Of Toriko


Today, Nippon Ichi released new information on dungeon exploring and taking care of Toriko in void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Around the world are different dungeons, and which one you’ll want to explore will change depending on the resources you want to collect. Some of them will be especially contaminated, and you might be able to lessen it if you can find the source.

Helpful items and enemies are spawned at random in the floors of the dungeon. You can even sometimes find machines that can help create items that are usable on humans.

There are traps around the dungeon floors that may inflict the Glitch status on you that makes you dizzy, while some traps will warp you to a random place in the dungeon.

The caretaker robot might not be good at fighting, but it will do whatever it takes to take care of Toriko.

Contaminated Weather

In cloudy weather, during sandstorms, or other weather conditions, spores will contaminate the dungeons. When exploring them in this condition, items found will be more contaminated, and enemies are stronger due to the influence.

However, items are easier to get during these conditions. Weigh the risks and rewards, and turn these dangerous situations into opportunities if you must!


Items have contamination levels, and this can affect the robot as well. Depending on the contamination level, you might not want to use the items…

Usually, contamination levels will make the items have additional weird effects.


As explained last time, the O.S.E.Watch (like a Tamagotchi) shows Toriko’s current state. If you receive urgent notifications, you can choose to return and solve the problem, but if you decide to leave her alone and continue exploring, things might end badly for Toriko.


As you progress through dungeons, the robot will level up, and learn various skills, like close quarters combat skills, or area of effect skills.

There are also some weirder skills like Happy Slots, which will give you a Happy Capsule item every time you use it. Happy Capsules will have random effects when used.


The items you find will be turned into resources that can be used to take care of Toriko, and upgrade the Terrarium when you return. As all the items are turned into resources even if you fall while exploring, one thing you could do is pick up as much as possible before running out of HP.

Crafting items and furniture will increase the robot’s stats via Craft Bonuses, so make as many as you can, and improve Toriko’s life conditions.


There is a storage container in the Terrarium that can be used to store items and food. Food will go bad as time passes, and while it’s still edible, it will cause strain on Toriko’s body. Edible food is precious in this contaminated world, so find as much fresh food to bring back to Toriko.

Even if Toriko is hungry, she might not eat if she doesn’t feel like it. When she’s starting to show the symptoms of a flu, she might lie down and sleep. Observe carefully and choose your actions carefully depending on the situation.

Medical Attendance

Apart from the flu, Toriko may contract diseases not normally seen in the present world. For example, Chicken disease has Toriko growing feathers around her body, which can only be healed with cream that makes the feathers fall out. Spread too much cream though, and Toriko might start losing her hair as well.

A certain Crying sickness makes Toriko unable to stop crying. Giving her a milk bottle may alleviate the symptoms.

If you let the Liquidification disease go too far, Toriko might dissolve into a meat mulch that is nearly unidentifiable. The only way to save her in this state is to solidify her again via a machine.

void tRrLM(); //void Terrarium releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 23, 2020. Check out the game’s first trailer in our previous post here.

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