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Volta-X Gameplay Trailer Shows off its Voltron-like PVP Action

In 2019, Gungho Online Entertainment introduced Volta-X, a very cute but very ambitious game that combines PVP, base management, and giant robots for the Nintendo Switch. This week, GameSpot got to release an exclusive Volta-X gameplay trailer, which gives us a better look at what this FTL and Mazinger Z-inspired extravaganza looks like in action. Our sister site Nintendo Enthusiast also got a recent chance to speak to some of the project’s developers, giving us a window into some of the creative and executive muscle behind the game. [Thanks, Nintendo Enthusiast!]

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Peep the trailer below:

As you can see, there are several disparate elements to Volta-X gameplay, which combine like Voltron to form a complete package. The combat itself is actually more about the cockpit than the robot, as you control a squad of pilots working to direct and maintain their Volta (giant robot) in a fight. Outside of battle there is a base-building element that helps you build and maintain your animal squad, and of course you can spend ample time customizing and upgrading your Volta.

There is both a PVP and story mode option, and playing either will net you parts for your Voltas. The team at Gungho plans to support Volta-X after launch, but like most smaller-scale releases, this one depends on its playerbase.

Volta-X is coming to the Nintendo Switch in summer 2020.

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