VR Game “Dragoon” Lets You Feel Like A Dragon Knight



There’s a virtual reality game called Dragoon (working title) that gives you the feeling of riding a dragon as a Dragon Knight.


Japanese tech site Forest Impress made the discovery on November 16th during the Digital Game Expo 2014 at Akihabara UDX in Tokyo.


Dragoon uses the Oculus Rift DK2 to put you into its fantasy world in which you’re riding on a dragon through the sky. To further authenticate the experience, you sit on the Panasonic JOBA (imagine a bucking bronco simulator) to have the feeling of the dragon’s wings beating up and down.


Lastly, the Leap Motion VR Mount, a WiiMote, and chopsticks put a gun in your hand that you can shoot in any direction.


That’s all there is of Dragoon at the moment, but you can see how it could become a much bigger game played a dragon saddle, perhaps attacking other dragon riders or ground troops.


The video at the top shows you the view when playing Dragoon, while the video halfway down shows you the whole apparatus working with someone playing it.

Chris Priestman
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