VR Kanojo’s Follow-Up Is Called Summer Vacation Featuring A Blonde Twin-Tail On The Beach



    IVR (Illusion) recently announced a follow-up title to VR Kanojo that released on Steam last month with English support. The new game is called Summer Vacation, featuring a blonde twin-tail on a tropical beach.


    Here’s a look at its first trailer:

    Summer!, Beach! and VR!
    Hot summer has come! How about vacations at VR Beach?
    Let’s experience a fun time a tropical beach.
    You can enjoy VR tropical country with plenty of attractions!
    It is also important to heal the tired body after plenty playing? !
    It also implements functions that can be nulled using oil.
    Here we go! Let’s experience hot summer “Summer Vacation” this summer!
    Here’s your expectation!
    [How to enjoy unique to VR dedicated software] Experience tropical date with girls using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!
    Spend relaxing sunbathing on the beach, spending time by fishing in spare time
    When it gets hot, I eat ice cream and it’s fine.
    Many other tropical experiences are waiting for you!
    here we go! Let’s go to the beach right now!



    sv010 sv009


    The new heroine is named “Alice Clover,” and you’ll be interacting with her in Summer Vacation in its tropical beach setting. There are various activities including oil rubs, volleyball, and plenty more.


    Summer Vacation is a VR-exclusive title and supports HTC Vive Pro, HTC Vive, Oculus CV1, and WinMR. It supports Knuckles Controller, Vive Controller, Oculus Touch, and WinMR Controller for inputs.


    Here are some more screenshots:



    sv006 sv005

     sv004  sv003





    Summer Vacation releases on PC via Steam in Summer 2018.

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