Vtuber Mirai Akari Will Retire at End of March 2023

mirai akari

As of March 31, 2023, Mirai Akari will retire from her activities as a Vtuber. She will stream for the last time on that date. In her announcement tweet, she apologized for how sudden this retirement is and wants to discuss her feelings with her fans during her final stream.

Her announcement tweet contained four images that explain why she wants to retire from being a Vtuber. She stated that she isn’t certain if this is the right choice, but she made this decision after thinking about it for a long time. Though she wants to continue being a Vtuber—everything from streaming to making videos to singing—the main reason she’s retiring is due to differences in values between herself and her managers.

She stated that since Mirai Akari is a virtual Vtuber avatar, she’s not actually disappearing. All of her archives will remain on her YouTube channel. She will no longer be posting anything as Akari, but she will continue to support all of her Vtuber friends and her fans. At the end of her letter, she thanked all of her fans, Vtuber friends, clients, and the staff who helped her to create her avatar. She also apologized for her lack of updates on her YouTube channel. There are several videos that she recorded prior to her decision to retire, so she will upload them before her final day.

Mirai Akari, who was a Vtuber with GOOM STUDIO, will retire on March 31, 2023. Her final farewell stream will take place on that date as well, though she did not announce the time.

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