VTuber Usada Pekora’s Mom "Debuts" as Pekomama
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Vtuber Usada Pekora’s Mom ‘Debuts’ as Pekomama

Usada Pekora’s real mother “debuted” as the Vtuber Pekomama, also known as Pekora Mommy, on her daughter’s channel. Both Pekora and her mother appeared on stream as an April Fool’s joke, and the “debut” joke stream achieved over 180,000 concurrent viewers.

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During her Vtuber debut stream, Pekomama was accompanied by Usada Pekora, who could be heard laughing bemused in the background and later joined her. Pekomama has three children, and Usada Pekora is the youngest of the three. She’s a fan of the band X Japan and enjoys driving. After her presentation followed a Q&A section, during which Pekomama answered questions about Pekora as a child. Both Pekora and Pekomama later played the original Super Mario Bros. together.

The stream is only available in Japanese, and it lasts approximately 62 minutes. You can check it out here:

In addition, artist Hikosan created the design for Pekomama, while Takeshita Fungi was responsible for creating the model on Live2D. You can check out the reference sheet for Pekora’s mom here:

Pekomama’s social media stream tag is #ぺこママといっしょ (#pekomamatoissho,) while #ぺこママアート (#pekomamaart) or #ぺこママみて (#pekomamamite) can both be used as fanart tags. Fan names are either Nousagi-san or Rabifami.

Usada Pekora’s mom was originally a guest on a stream broadcasted on December 2020 where Pekora told her that she is a Vtuber for a living, to fulfill the promise the Vtuber made when she reached 1 million subscribers.

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