This week, the Nintendo eShop gets two off-the-wall platformers – Bionic Commando for the Game Boy on Virtual Console, and VVVVVV as a 3DS title.


Bionic Commando on Game Boy replaces the original game’s setting to a futuristic one. Other than that, you’re still playing as Rad Spencer, your mission is still to save Super Joe, and you still can’t jump. It costs $4.


VVVVVV is a platformer, designed by Terry Cavanagh, that you navigate not by controlling your own character, but by controlling the direction of gravity in the game. Inverting gravity lets you flip between the floor and the ceiling.


The 3DS version also has Player Levels included in it — additional levels designed by other game developers not employed at Distractionware (developer) or Nicalis (the publisher). VVVVVV costs $8.


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