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The Wacky, Bird-Riding Sportsball Comes To Wii U Today



TOO DX has announced that bird-riding local multiplayer sports game Sportsball will be released on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U today.


In Sportsball, everyone plays as “squawk jockeys,” riding saddle on exotic birds to flap around, tackle other players, and dunk a ball into the fieldnet to mount up the points.


Between one and four players can play Sportsball across seven game modes including Duel, Rallyball, and Sportsbrawl. There are 16 birds that between them represent four international teams.



As to stadiums, there are 10 of them across three environments, taking you from the ground, through the clouds, and up into outer space.


If you have a fifth person, they can use the Wii U GamePad to announce a play-by-play commentary into the microphone, which is then projected across the stadium’s loudspeakers.


If you want more information about Sportsball then check out its official website.

Chris Priestman