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Waddle Doo Is The Best Kirby Character

waddle doo best kirby character

Next week marks the 30th anniversary of the Kirby franchise, so we should be feeling celebratory! Instead, we’re still smarting over the latest game’s biggest snub: Waddle Doo isn’t in it. So let’s talk about Waddle Doo and why they’re the best so that HAL and Nintendo won’t forget next time.

Unparalleled utility

Most Kirby players, when they think of Waddle Doo, probably mostly think of Beam. That makes sense! It’s one of the franchise’s longest-running power-ups, and one that you never mind having. Beam can hit at a distance. Beam can strike at an angle. Heck, Beam can shoot from the other side of the screen! Individuals may have a favorite power-up that’s something else, but getting Beam never elicits a groan or sigh. It’ll do what you need, whatever that happens to be. — Graham

waddle doo very good

Charming design

Waddle Doo is the best Kirby character because their character design is incredible. Waddle Dee? That looks a lot like Kirby or Meta Knight. Awoofy? That’s just a dog. (I mean, a cute dog, sure.) Waddle Doos have personality. Their eyes are incredibly expressive. They resemble Kirby and all, but are unique enough to be their own individuals. Also, whether it is a jester hat or a night cap, Waddle Doos pick up some rocking headgear. — Jenni

Despite not being much of a Kirby aficionado, even I can recognize my Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo, and I always think that of the two, Waddle Doo is cuter. Why? As Jenni mentioned, it’s the eye. It does all the work of a fully-featured face with but a single orb to ponder. — Josh

take a look at this waddle doo fella

Waddle Dee is boring

We’ve been beating around the bush here, so I’ll just get to it: Waddle Dees are not worth all the attention. Why? They’re nothing. They’re blank slates. To make a Waddle Dee interesting, you have to put a bandana or a mustache on one. Or hand it a parasol or something. An accessory isn’t a personality! But Waddle Doo, though? Waddle Doo is shown to be a leader and organizer. Waddle Doo works hard and shows fatigue. And Waddle Doo isn’t oblivious to the world and its trials.

That’s not to say Waddle Dees should go away entirely! But you’re telling me you needed a 300th one before a single Waddle Doo? I don’t believe that. — Graham

Do you disagree that Waddle Doo is the best Kirby character? Most certainly don’t let us know in the comments or on Twitter! You could read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team, though.

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