You only have so many hours to save the world in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and the world compared to other Final Fantasy games is a lot larger. One way to get from one continent to the next is to run on a giant highway, but beware there are powerful monsters on the road.



Another way is to teleport! Lightning has a teleport ability that lets her zip from one place to another providing she visited that location before and unlocked that teleport point. Teleporting uses Energy Points or EP.


All of Lightning’s super abilities and healing magic are tied to Energy Points in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. EP are basically Technical Points from Final Fantasy XIII, so you accumulate EP by earning stars in battle. While explaining the Escape ability, which lets Lightning run from a battle, but costs time. Square Enix showed the EP ability menu. Just to confuse things, EP is GP (Glory Points) in Japan.



From top bottom the skills are:

Curaga (2 EP) – healing magic

Overclock (2 EP) – slows enemies, but Lightning moves regularly and can rapidly chain attacks

Escape (0 EP) – escape from battle

Chronostasis (1 EP) – stops time so Lightning can complete time sensitive missions

Teleport (3 EP) – teleport to different locations

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