Arc System Works is celebrating Kunio-kun’s 30th anniversary with Kunio-kun Nekketsu Complete Famicom Series, an upcoming compilation featuring 11 Famicom titles on 3DS. Here’s the game’s first trailer.


As previously reported, the game features 11 titles through the 1980 and 1990 eras. They are the following:


  • Renegade
  • Super Dodge Ball
  • River City Ransom
  • Nintendo World Cup
  • Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai
  • Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki da yo Zenin Shugo!
  • Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairanto
  • Crash ‘n’ the Boys: Street Challenge
  • Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu
  • Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League
  • Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes


Kunio-kun Nekketsu Complete Famicom Series releases in Japan in Winter 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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