Wanderjahr, An RPG Of Quick Party Member Decisions, Has Released On Steam

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Wanderjahr, an RPG now available on Steam, puts players in charge of large parties and asks them to use the right team for the job.




In Wanderjahr, humanity has found a source code for all of reality, and with it they intend to get rid of all evil. To delete evil from that code, members of UN Jariya send teams in to fight it. As a member of UN Jariya Team 736, composed of new recruits, players must chip in and fight monsters.




Choosing the right team is more important than choosing the right moves. Players cannot control what each character does during the real-time combat, as the party members will all act on their own once in combat. Each has specified roles they will automatically fulfil once in play -  attacking monsters, casting spells, or healing/buffing other party members.




The player affects combat by choosing which party members to send in. Members can be swapped out on the fly, and the player has access to a large roster of available fighters, so they can make quick decisions on whose abilities would best serve in the fight instead of choosing every attack in the battle. The player can use finite items and special attacks to assist, though.

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