Why Would We Want To Escape A Hot Spring? ‘Cause We’re In Another Escape Trick Game

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I think we’re trapped. In a hot spring. Don’t panic. What do we do? Apparently, we check the vending machines and body showers for clues that will help us get out of the locked day spa facility we’re in.


Yep, it’s a new escape-the-room puzzle game from the Simple Series. Simple DL Series Vol. 24: Escape Trick – The Unhealing Hot Spring is one of those games which you play for the hell of it, but one wonders what’s the rationale of the person trying to escape.



I mean, why the hurry? It’s a day-spa. It’s clearly operational. Tomorrow will come. With people to unlock the door. And you get to enjoy a hot spring with no one around. Like you might see on those Japanese shows! It’s perfect! The mind boggles. Unless the title is indicative of something far more sinister around the corner…


Similar to the previous games, you’ll be able to use the touch screen to scribble down notes and take “photos” of the area to come back to later as needed.



Simple DL Series Vol. 24: Escape Trick – The Unhealing Hot Spring will be available on the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop on February 26th for 500 yen (US$5) in Japan.

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