Want Extra Items In Digimon World Re:Digitize? Here You Go


    Last week, the fan translation of Digimon World Re:Digitize made its public debut. Romsstar, one of the translators on the project, acknowledged that there were still bugs to work out and that they would be addressing the issues in an upcoming patch. That Patch has since been released, but players will get another surprise when they go to download it: Item passwords.


    In Japan, Bandai Namco released several in-game passwords to players, and the team responsible for the patch is doing the same thing.


    “In keeping with the way the game was released in Japan, we have decided to release a few of the new passwords every week in our updates,” they say. The first batch, called the Tamer Starter Kit, is already live. The passwords and corresponding items are:


    Giant Claw (Greymon Digivolution Item): i73pqhqy

    Dreadful Horn (GeoGreymon Digiviolution Item): 1v7ixp5s

    Meat × 10: wgy3so2s

    Portable Potty × 10: rk633pd0

    Autopilot × 10: 2heqtq3p

    Restore Floppy × 5: y406r33p

    Offense Chip × 3: jaotcnpf

    Storage Card α (Sashenka): 0fpwatdq

    Colosseum Fight (Pirate B-Wargreymon): hy1gn9ne

    Colosseum Fight (Luckyman): i94fo2bn


    You can find future password releases, as well as the most recent patch for the game, here.

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