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For Those That Want Something Cuter Than Nintendogs… Here’s Wan Nyan Pet Shop



    If you happen to enjoy the Nintendogs and other similar pet owning simulators (or happen to have a significant other who does) then it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Wan Nyan Pet Shop. The latest trailer shows off how the mini-games will work in this pet shop  ownership simulator, where players dress themselves up and take care of some 30 varieties of kitties and puppies to be sold off into slavery a loving home.


    We’ve talked about them before, how players will have to bath, feed, trim and so forth and succeed at mini-games to affect pets’ temperament.  The 10th in Nippon Columbia’s Akogare Girl’s Collection series, it also links with previous titles Wan Nyan Animal Hospital and Glitter Glitter Nurse Story 2 to add more unlockable outfits for players.


    Wan Nyan Pet Shop is out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan November 28th.


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