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Ambitious Indie SRPG War of Ashird Kickstarter Goes Live

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On April 21, 2020, a new crowdfunding campaign will launch for an upcoming indie strategy RPG with some star power behind it. A War of Ashird Kickstarter is about to begin. From developers Kumiho Soft and Igrasil Studio, it combines elements of grid-based strategic-RPGs, more traditional turn-based RPGs, base management, and visual novels. The star power I mentioned before is Satchley, who is doing War of Ashird‘s character art. You’ll recognize the style if you’ve played another indie visual novel, Doki Doki Literature Club.

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Check out a trailer for the Igrasil Studio game ahead of the War of Ashird Kickstarter below:

Players will be able to explore a lot of territory in War of Ashird, as its structure appears to be based on a wide array of player choices. There will be 20 different locations, each with their own quests, stories, and characters. More than 20 characters are playable, and you’ll be able to take up to seven into combat every time you head into a fight.

Combat is where this game seems to be trying to stand out the most. Not only will mechanics change based on geographical location, battles can also vary between the grid-based battles SRPG fans will be familiar with, to traditional, turn-based JRPG encounters during certain situations. Outside of combat, a visual novel-style story will give players plenty of options for different story paths, along with managing their property and castle.

War of Ashird is aiming for a 2021 PC release, with consoles ports following in 2020.

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