Warning: Solitary Rajang Spotted Rampaging In Monster Hunter 4

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Bellowing from its unknown habitat and rushing out to gore foes trespassing upon its territory comes Monster Hunter 4’s next creature to hunt: Rajang! Rarely spotted in the wild, coming face to face with one is a serious challenge.


Rajang, who returns from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, will stomp the ground and swipe with its powerful forelegs, sending unprepared hunters crashing to the ground as the earth trembles. If so, hunters should dodge away as soon as possible or risk getting snatched up and crushed to death by its huge front paws.



Don’t assume you can stay far away from Rajangs and snipe them to death. Those muscular forelegs will rip up the earth itself as a boulder and fling alarmingly fast and accurate boulders straight at hunters.


Pushing Rajang to its limits will cause it to enter an almost golden state, which hunters whisper in fear as Rage mode. Charging electricity and light particles Rajang unleashes a pure blast of breath energy in a wide arc in front of him that will shock hunters and fry the unwary.




Monster Hunter 4 will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on September 14th.

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