Warriors Are In Charge Of Daring Deliveries In Mobile RPG Postknight



As a cute Postknight, it’s up to the player to fight their way across monster-filled terrain to make their deliveries, using their rewards to grow stronger, get better gear, and acquire gifts for the love of their life.


01-Postknight-Adventure 03-Postknight-Upgrade


The mobile RPG will feature sidescrolling combat, attacking enemies with abilities granted by the gear and loot they acquire and equip. Through winning fights in the game’s fast-paced battle system and making deliveries, players will be able to grow their stats to take on greater challenges.


Players won’t just be fighting and dropping off packages, though. Players can also take time to meet the people they come across in the towns they visit, and also start up romances with the damsels who live in each city. Player can’t just love and leave, though, as their relationships with these women will require they visit often or keep them happy with gifts.


02-Postknight-Battle 04-Postknight-Dating


Postknight’s cute, lighthearted RPG action will be available on iOS and Android devices when it releases on February 9, 2017.

Alistair Wong
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