warriorstroyKoei Canada has been working on their own version of the long running Warriors franchise. Their game, Warriors: Legends of Troy, eschews the typical historic Eastern setting Koei’s games explore for the Iliad.


You’ll see the Trojan War from two sides, the Greeks and Trojans, in Warriors: Legends of Troy. Players get to control iconic characters like Hektor, Paris, Achilles, and even Odysseus. In this game, Odysseus is portrayed as a wise general while Paris is seen as a selfish lad who needs to grow up during the story.


Since this is a Warriors title you know there’s going to be hundreds of troops to crush. In addition to armies, Koei Canada threw in mythological creatures and a new grappling system where you can throw enemy units. Warriors: Legends of Troy also has online multiplayer, cooperative and competitive, for up to four players.


Warriors: Legends of Troy is scheduled to come out on March 8 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America.

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