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Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Confirmed For PS4, Switch This December In Japan, PC In February 2020


    Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

    Following the reveal of Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate on PS4, more info has surfaced from this week’s Famitsu, where Koei Tecmo confirmed that it is also coming to Switch and PC in Japan. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


    The game is set to release in Japan this December for both PS4 and Switch versions, while the PC version is expected to release in February. It is priced at 7,800 yen. Those with the original Warriors Orochi 4 will get to purchase the Upgrade Pack as a download for 4,800 yen.


    In Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate we’ll see over 170 characters from previous titles. Tomohiko Sho is the producer of the game. He previously worked as the lead planner of Dynasty Warriors 3 to Dynasty Warriors 6. He then worked as the director of Dragon Quest Heroes and development producer for Dragon Quest Builders 2. He says that he’s looking to use the experience from having worked with Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii for the development.



    As for new characters, the first is a brand-new character named Gaia. She fights using a Hecatoncheires, basically a giant with multiple arms. She’s a favorite of the producer, and is said to be even more powerful than Zeus.



    The other confirmed character is Joan of Arc (Yumi Touma) who debuted in Bladestorm. She is said to have been added as a way to please fans from the West.


    New Sacred Treasures will be featured in the game as well as a new type of cooperative move called “Musou Switch Combo” that brings out continuous Musou Attacks from three characters, plus more experience points gained when used.


    In addition to more for its story and characters, the overall feel and playability has been improved as well as the UI. There are new side stories consisting of stories that didn’t make it into the original game. Players will also get to switch Sacred Treasures.


    There are also new modes such as Challenge Mode that supports rankings and Infinite Mode that will let you party with three people to aim for records.


    There will be some sort of save data bonus, but more information will be shared later. Koei Tecmo aren’t thinking about DLC other than  first-print and retailer bonuses, as they want to make it a game you can properly enjoy on its own.


    Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan in December 2019. The PC version releases in February 2020. While an Xbox One version wasn’t announced for Japan it’ll likely be announced for the West.

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