Watch A Full Playthrough Of One Fan’s Resident Evil 2 Remake

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Programmer Rod Lima has spent the past year learning how to use UDK by building a full remake of Resident Evil 2. It seems that he’s now finished, or is very close to it, as he has released a full playthrough video of his remake in Unreal Engine 3 playing as Claire, as you can watch above.


The first video that Lima posted of his Resident Evil 2 remake appeared on February 3rd 2014. At the time, Lima had borrowed environments and character models from Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles on the Wii, with sounds from Resident Evil 2 mixed in, and had added his own basic moves, inventory HUD, and inventory weapons.


Back then, the remake also used a behind-the-shoulder camera angle, as with Resident Evil 4, and it only contained parts of Raccoon City. Lima also said the following in the video’s description: “I’m not planning on do a Resident Evil 2 remake, (there’s already other groups taking it serious) I made this, only to see some codes actually working, not only in theory.”



Well, despite what he said, Lima has completely remade Resident Evil 2, as the newer videos shows. And he’s also dropped the camera angle he used originally in favor of recreating the original fixed camera angles of Resident Evil 2. You can also see in the video above that he added a co-op mode to the game, with one person playing Leon and the other playing Claire.


Maybe, now that Resident Evil HD Remaster has been released, Capcom will look towards a Resident Evil 2 remake. If so, maybe taking a look at Lima’s effort wouldn’t be such a bad idea, especially the co-op idea.

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