Watch Edge Of Eternity’s Artist Draw A Nekaroo Chibi

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Artist Julien Galibert has released a timelapse video of himself drawing a Nekaroo chibi from the game Edge of Eternity, of which he is the main artist.


The Nekaroo seems to be a small and cute mammal, perhaps a cross between a cat and a kangaroo… something like that. You can see what a wild Nekaroo looks like as it gazes upon the stars in the screenshot taken from Edge of Eternity below.



Now, you may remember Edge of Eternity as being a four-man studio’s attempt at making its own large, sci-fi JRPG, heavily inspired by Final Fantasy. The pre-alpha video that showcases some of the game’s breadth, look, and features in its pre-alpha state is rather outdated.


Midgar Studio, the developer, said that many of sights in that video would be improved over time. And to prove that’s the case, there’s another more recent video from the game that is intended to show off the improved grass system on ultra settings. But what you can also see is what appears to be a new running animation, which is much better than the previous one, and gives the game a much better feel.

We’re looking forward to more updates and improvements to Edge of Eternity as they arrive. Look out for them on the game’s Facebook page.

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