Watch The King of Fighters: Destiny’s Episode 12 “Shadow of Evil” And Episode 13 “Trap”



SNK released two new episodes for the CG anime series, The King of Fighters: Destiny, where we get to see the KOF tournament rage on in Episode 12: Shadow of Evil and Episode 13: Trap.


Episode 12: Shadow of Evil

The first KOF match starts out with a bang, with all eyes on the event. Benimaru struggles in his battle against Brian, as he continues to stand back up no matter how many times he is beaten by Benimaru. The crowd becomes uneasy as they watch Brian’s eerie performance.


Episode 13: Trap

Kyo and his teammates struggle with the American Sports Team who show signs of the Orochi power. Meanwhile, Terry heads to Gesse Tower to rescue Angelina, despite knowing it’s a trap.


Catch the previous episodes below:


There’s a total of 24 episodes for The King of Fighters: Destiny.

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