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Watch Monster Hunter X Players Take On A Great Maccau, Rathalos, And Nargacuga



We recently got a first look at Nargacuga and the Misty Peaks map in the latest Monster Hunter X footage during a special NicoNico Live event for the game. Here’s a look at some videos showing the gameplay footage from the stream. [Thanks,  GoNintendo.]


Verna Village is the new village that we’ll get to visit in Monster Hunter X. It’s located in a quiet mountain region that is full of green and nature.


The bottom-right part of the screen has it marked as “offline”. You can also see a blimp in the background, and it’s what you’ll take to visit other lands and villages. The large Felyne is the chef that will help you out.


In this video, we get to see what awaits in the new Ancient Forest map. The player first encounters the new herbivore monster called the Rimosetosu, followed by one of the four main monsters in Dinobaruto. These guys are characterized by their powerful great sword-like tail with tremendous power and reach.


In this video, a group of two Hunters and their Palicoes get together to take on the new Bird Wyvern-type monster, called the Maccau. They’re characterized by their red and green colors. While the Great Maccau has similar moves to other wyvern-type monsters, it has many unique moves as well.


Since the demo is limited to five minutes per play, they attempt another run, but this time they try the Forest and Hills map, which hasn’t been around since Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. In Monster Hunter X, we’ll get to try it out with new jumps and it’ll also be easier to climb. The players then attempt to challenge a Rathalos.


Finally, here’s a look at our old friend Nargacuga at the Misty Peaks map. This time around, we’ll get to style our way around his tail slams, and try to beat him up using our shiny new Hunting Arts to go with it.


Monster Hunter X is slated for release in Japan on November 28, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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