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Watch Ryo Open Drawers, Drive Forklifts, And Play A Chicken-Filled Virtua Fighter Game In Shenmue III


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The Shenmue games were filled with opportunities for Ryo to do more than just attempt to reclaim the stolen Dragon Mirror, avenge his father’s death, and defeat Lan Di. He also gets to collect capsule toys, drive forklifts, and race chickens. That trend of side activities will continue in Shenmue III, and a new official video shows some of the things Ryo will be able to do that aren’t trying to undo a great wrong. For example, there’s forklift driving, playing a Virtua Fighter knock-off with chickens called Chobu-Chan Fighter, and driving a forklift while moving Chobu-Chan Fighter cabinets.


The Shenmue III video has creator Yu Suzuki going over these extra features. (Turning on Closed Captions offers an English translation.) It starts by mentioning that Ryo can open even more drawers and cabinets in the game, as Suzuki says that “having useless stuff in the game makes it feel more real, which gives it a kind of value.” The second part talks about Chobu-Chan. This is a new mascot character that is hidden everywhere. Finding Chobu-Chan means shop card rewards. Ryo can change his jacket, shirt, pants, and shoes with a clothes changing system. Part-time jobs, like wood chopping, fishing, and forklift are shown off.




Here is the latest world of Shenmue III trailer.



Shenmue III will be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC on November 19, 2019.

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