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Watch Siliconera Play Monster Hunter Stories



It’s well past the New Year and as winter cleaning, shrine visits, and holiday sales wind down, the ads in stores for the March release of Monster Hunter XX, the follow up to Monster Hunter Generations, are ramping up. Passing by the games section of my local Yamada Denki reminded me it’s been nearly a month since we began our official stream of Monster Hunter Stories, and it is well about time we started it up again.


As with last month’s stream, bring your copy of Monster Hunter Generations! I will be distributing one of two special Palicoes – Benkei and Sili – which you can use to build the game’s most powerful Prowler. Once you pick it up, you can read about how to start your kitty conquest of Bherna’s wilderness with our guide on how to make it.



For those who missed our last stream – let’s catch you up to speed! The protagonist and his friend have been sent to the Kuba desert, where Rivelt – an elite hunter – enlists your assistance to investigate a mysterious sandstorm that prevents him and his fellow villagers from returning to their desert home. In the middle of your investigation, a mysterious man by the name of Professor Manelga – who is definitely not Dr. Wily – proclaims he will free the villagers from their plight with an odd creation of his own: an armored Barroth. The armor, it seems, holds a greater secret than aesthetics: it allows the professor to control it. …but to what end, and for how long? Tune in to our stream to see!