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Watch Teamwork In Action In Battle Princess of Arcadia



Nippon Ichi Software has shared a 60-second gameplay video of Battle Princess of Arcadia, their upcoming side-scrolling action-RPG, an genre that is relatively new ground for the company.


As the Battle Princess Plume, you must protect the kingdom of Schwert from a plague of monsters. In this video, Plume is accompanied by the mage Yuni and the archer Larts, who often jump into the screen to get a share of the action. At the end, all three of them come together to unleash a powerful team attack, demolishing every enemy on the screen. You can control characters other than Plume, but NIS hasn’t confirmed if you can switch between them in the middle of a stage.


Battle Princess of Arcadia is slated for release on September 26. The first press run edition will come with a soundtrack CD containing 20 tracks, which you can sample on the game’s official website.