WaveCrash!! Mixes Puzzler & Fighting Game With Color-Matching Blasts

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WaveCrash!! is a mixture of puzzle and one-on-one fighting game, having players match colored blocks together to create chains they can then fling at their opponents.


In WaveCrash!!, players can move their chosen fighter across a board of multi-colored blocks. These fighters can shift blocks around to create collections of connected blocks of the same color, and then can choose to launch these at the opponent on the other side of the board. Players can move out of the way to dodge these incoming attacks, or they can fire their own back in order to block it. This forces players to quickly create chains of various blocks, working the puzzle part of their mind in a hurry before their foe can fire something at them.

WaveCrash!! features multiple playable characters that have varied special moves that can change up a battle. These powers can fire extra blasts, set up barriers, and more, offering various alterations on the already quick-paced play.


WaveCrash!! is available, in an Early Access state, through Itch.io.

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