‘We Are Nijisanji’ First Episode Highlights JP and EN VTuber Similarities

We Are Nijisanji First Episode VTuber

Nijisanji released the first episode of its new VTuber variety talk show “We are Nijisanji” on April 4, 2023. In it, talents from the agency’s Japanese and English branches interact to show that there is more in common than you might think. The show’s hosts are Nagao Kei from the VΔLZ unit and Petra Gurin from the English branch’s second wave Obsydia.

You can now watch the first episode of We are NIJISANJI from the official Nijisanji YouTube channel with English and Japanese subtitles. Here’s the full episode.

In this first installment, the VTuber guests were Nishizono Chigusa and Luca Kaneshiro, representing the Japanese and English Nijisanji divisions, respectively. Each answered a few questions to introduce themselves to the viewers, with the caveat of answering in the opposite language. There was also a games segment, during which they had to give scores to names proposed by each one. Later, they had to complete idioms that had similar meanings in both languages. At the end, there was a preview of the next episode’s guests. They appear to be Fushimi Gaku and Selen Tasuki.

Nijisanji is one of the biggest VTuber agencies currently, with over 150 members in the Japanese branch and 30 talents in the English division. Moreover, just recently, the company opened auditions for new streamers to apply until April 17, 2023.

Each episode of “We are Nijisanji” will be released every Tuesday at 8pm JST/4am PT/7am ET and will feature two different guests each week.

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