We Might See Mega Man Battle Network Anniversary Items Outside Japan

mega man battle network anniversary

There’s a chance we could see Mega Man Battle Network anniversary merchandise outside Japan, as well as inside the country. Capcom put out the call for partners on its official License Business Mega Man series page in English. Simply put, a note at the bottom of the page said, “Capcom is looking for licensing partners for Mega Man Battle Network’s 20th Anniversary.” [Thanks, Rockman Corner!]

From there, two options are available. Both are fairly generic and don’t reference Mega Man Battle Network in any way. Licensing Q&A goes through the process, confirming that in addition to items,  campaigns, events, and  “tie-ups” can be arranged. It also explained that the licensing process involves making a submission, Capcom discussing it, a contract being signed, designs and products being checked, and “Issue of Certificate” being given before any merchandise is made.

This is now the second call for partners. Capcom originally began Mega Man Battle Network anniversary plans in Japan back in May 2020. That’s when it asked for companies interested in working on the anniversary to get in touch in the region. The original Mega Man Battle Network appeared on the Game Boy Advance in Japan on March 21, 2001, with the North American and European versions arriving in October and November that year.

The last Mega Man Battle Network game was Mega Man Battle Network 6, which was available in Cybeast Gregar and Cybeast Falzar versions for the Game Boy Advance. It appeared in 2005 in Japan and 2006 worldwide, and both games are available on the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console.

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