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This Week In Sales: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Begins Its Quest


    Period: The week of October 6th – October 12th (2014)

    Top-seller: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) 1,446,289

    Nintendo 3DS sales: 7,340 | Tot. sales: 9,625,968

    Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 19,727 | Tot. sales: 6,656,030

    New Nintendo 3DS sales: 70,050 | Tot. sales: 70,050

    New Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 164,756 | Tot. sales: 164,756

    PlayStation Vita sales: 8,561 | Tot. sales: 3,153,056

    Vita TV sales: 737 | Tot. sales: 139,981

    Wii U sales: 6,309 | Tot. sales: 1,954,351

    PlayStation 4 sales: 11,697 | Tot. sales: 745,126

    Xbox One sales: 809 | Tot. sales: 32,987

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    Last week, Capcom released Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan. In its first two days on store shelves, the game sold over 1.44 million copies at retail. By the end of its first five days, Capcom said they shipped over 2 million copies of the game in Japan, including physical copies shipped to retailers and download sales by consumers.


    Alongside Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Nintendo launched the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL devices. The New 3DS XL sold 164,756 units in its first two days, while the New 3DS sold 70,050 units.


    The New 3DS XL had the benefit of a special Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate bundle at launch, so it makes sense that it sold better, but in the long run, it should be interesting to see if the portability and faceplate customization of the smaller New 3DS make that the more popular model.


    Meanwhile, Sony launched a white PlayStation 4 in Japan, which caused a surge in sales for that platform as well, bringing it to 11,697 units for the week.


    Also released last week for the PS4 was Sony’s DriveClub, which performed poorly with just 8,620 copies sold.


    The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


    LwTwTitleWeekly SalesTotal SalesSys.Publisher
    New01.Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate1,446,289New3DSCapcom
    01.02.Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS76,3921,557,8293DSNintendo
    03.03.Yo-kai Watch 2: Head/Founder57,5832,712,9093DSLevel 5
    02.04.Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix21,518106,093PS3Square Enix
    New05.FIFA1516,719NewPS4Electronic Arts
    New06.FIFA1516,149NewPS3Electronic Arts
    05.08.Danganronpa: Another Episode7,18493,113PSVSpike Chunsoft
    13.09.Nazo Toki Battle Tore! Densetsu no Makyuu wo Fukkatsu Saseyo!6,10612,8453DSBandai Namco
    06.10.The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II5,021102,905PSVFalcom
    07.11.The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash II4,33079,473PS3Falcom
    New12.FIFA154,253NewPSVElectronic Arts
    04.13.Forbidden Magna4,24727,4973DSMarvelous
    15.15.Dragon Quest X4,151105,2963DSSquare Enix
    16.16.Mario Kart 83,996686,763WiiUNintendo
    22.17.Yo-kai Watch3,1701,284,7993DSLevel 5
    09.18.Ar nosurge Plus3,15712,398PSVGust
    23.19.Yoshi’s New Island2,906194,5103DSNintendo
    11.20.Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden2,71037,320WiiUNintendo


    Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

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