Welcome new writers!


Hey everyone Spencer here, the editor of Siliconera. Over the past two weeks we’ve brought aboard a handful of new and excellent writers to the site. Before we get to them I want to give a big thanks to our “classic” staff too who have been here for a while bringing original stories for you to read everyday.


Kurt Kalata who runs Hardcore Gaming 101 has been covering J-RPGs like Disgaea 2 and SNK imports like Neo Geo Battle Coliseum for us. Did you know he also writes for 1up? Just recently he had an excellent feature on 1up describing the differences between USA and Japanese games.


Katie Montiminy has been writing retro features like this one on gamevertisements. Last year she brought us coverage straight from the Montreal Game Festival floor and she braved Children of Mana in Japanese.

Alex Arbizo takes care of a lot of our anime games. He sits through games like Eureka Seven: Vol 1. The New Wave so you don’t have to.


Louise Yang came on board last year and she’s the one behind all of our awesome Rogue Galaxy coverage, which was one of the games that you guys wanted us to focus on. She’s also the brains behind the Game Spoilers, a wiki with game storylines.


Now here are our new writers who jumped on board in 2007:


You might recognize Gnome, he runs a random Gnome’s lair, a home for PC titles that didn’t get enough attention. If there’s anything about an adventure games you need to know, he’s on the case. He brings a wealth of background knowledge on the classics to Siliconera and in the (near) future coverage on the European gaming scene.


Dan Zuccarelli should be a familiar name too. Maybe you know him by NetPhantom or via Bits Bytes and Pixel Sprites he’s the editor over there and we’re really proud to have as part of Siliconera too. Remember the rated your Mom “E” for everyone t-shirt? He’s the one who found it. Dan’s going to be bringing the same kind of clever content seen in the bbps over to Siliconera.


Roli O. is an avid importer which a Japanese PS2 makes him fit right in Siliconera. This week he showed everyone the Lost Planet target guide and He’s also into RPGs, which is perfect since we can only play so many RPGs at once. You guys want to hear about more RPGs right?


Thanks go out to all of our staff, without them Siliconera wouldn’t be the place it is today. Post a comment to welcome our new staff and say hi to our “classic” team.


With all of our great talent we’re going to be bringing you even more original stories everyday and if you miss something on the front page check out our “Earlier on Siliconera” section on the sidebar to catch up. Or subscribe to our RSS feed to get Siliconera delivered to your news reader.


In the past two months we’ve seen some massive and pleasantly unpredictable spikes in traffic that our poor server couldn’t handle. So last week I was working with our technical staff to get the server patched up, it should be able to handle a lot more traffic before exploding.


Lastly, a huge thanks to all of our readers out there. We run the site for all of you whether this your first visit (if it is drop a line and say hi!) or if you’ve been reading since our import only review days. Thanks and look forward to some surprises in the future!

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