What are the Best Horror Games to Play on Halloween?

What are the Best Horror Games to Play on Halloween 1

It’s that time of year. You know the one, when people get in the spirit of the Halloween season by picking out what they might think are the best horror game or thrilling title to play. We’ve recommended games to play for the holiday before. This time, we’re specifically focusing on our scariest recommendations. We’d also appreciate it if you’d share your most terrifying ones too!

For me, the best horror game to play on Halloween will always be an entry in the Fatal Frame series. I’ve played every localized entry enough times to know exactly where some of the more notable ghosts are. I shouldn’t still be scared of some encounters. Yet it always gets me. I’m always going to forget how to find my way through the labyrinthine town and houses of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. I’m always going to question Miku Hinasaki’s life choices. It’s just a solid series to play through during the spookiest season. — Jenni

What are the Best Horror Games to Play on Halloween

As the world’s biggest coward, I don’t like horror games all that much. That usually means spooky season is a time for me to get comfy with grindy gacha games or MMOs.
That said, many non-horror games do have their own scary and creepy sections, and one of my recent favorites, The Outer Wilds, had its entire DLC expansion built on a sense of tension and dread. Echoes of the Eye slots nicely into a second runthrough the game and adds additional mysteries to solve in Dark Bramble, a planet from the base game that is already really scary.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of The Outer Wilds, it’s impossible to really talk about what happens without spoiling it, so suffice it to say that both the base game comes highly recommended for any time of year, with the DLC being particularly appropriate for those wanting to spend a spooky time exploring in the dark. — Josh

Dead by Daylight

Halloween is a time of friendship, whether it’s eating candy together or going to a party. And just like how horror movies are more fun with people, horror games are elevated with your friends. That’s why for this year, my vote for the best game to play on Halloween goes to games such as Identity V, Dead by Daylight, and Friday the 13th. They may not be as spine-tingling spooky as some of the other entries on the list. But you’ll definitely end up having a jolly good time with your friends. Or even make some new ones throughout the night! Sometimes you’re screaming because of a jump scare and sometimes you’re screeching because your teammate did something stupid. But hey, rowdiness is all part of the fun. — Stephanie

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