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What are the Most Anticipated Games of 2023?

What are the Most Anticipated Games of 2023?

The year is fresh and new. There are 12 months of new titles headed our way. However, which ones will get our attention? Especially since we still aren’t sure of what may appear? We figured now would be a perfect time to start talking about our most anticipated games of 2023, so we can compare and perhaps find new things to follow as the excitement builds. (Especially since we finished all our GOTY 2022 talk!)

I need FFVII Rebirth as soon as possible, because FFVII Remake is really building to something and I have to know what part 2 will bring. The appearances of characters from spin-offs like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus in the first segment of the remake really got me curious about how things could change this time around. Not to mention anyone who saw that ending knows something big is coming. Please, don’t let this one get delayed into 2024! — Jenni

Street Fighter 6 cover Art

What a cruel question, asking us to choose one title. It ought to be Final Fantasy XVI, for how persuasive the creative team have been in turning my initial dismissal at the initial trailer (FFXII’s Mediterranean sci-fi-fantasy good, generic cod-Medieval fantasy bad) into a Day One purchase. Or the recently announced Death Stranding 2, although that doesn’t have a release date as yet and I’m actually hoping it doesn’t come out in the next 12 months.

But the one true answer is Street Fighter 6. Because, for the first time since 2014, I bought a fight stick and I’m not afraid to use it. — Khai

What are the Most Anticipated Games of 2023?

There are many cool projects slated for this year, but if we’re talking most anticipated games of 2023, it’s hard to top one game I’ve been forced to merely anticipate for quite a while now. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp may look to be something of a straightforward remake, but the games it’s reviving? They’re very close to my heart for decades because of just how well they distill the strategy experience into one that so many can enjoy without losing tactical depth. Re-Boot Camp‘s uncertain delay is a good reminder of how actual war is everpresent in our world, but I do hope we’ll get a release soon. — Graham

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