What Do Video Game Characters Do Once The Credits Have Rolled?

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For the Global Game Jam, Acid Wizard Studio made a free game that attempts to answer the following question: “How does a video game character find himself in the “real” world, after he has defeated the final boss, rescued the princess and saved the universe, considering his only skills are running, jumping and shooting everything?”


In After The Credits, you play as Private First Class Bill Rizer from Contra as he defeats the final boss. Upon saving the world by blowing up the source of the alien threat, Rizer’s commando buddy Lance Bean wonders what they’ll both do now. That’s when the game cuts to a year later.


Now Rizer finds himself waking up late for work. Being a video game character, he jumps out of windows, falling several stories to land unharmed, opens doors by shooting them, and manage to get himself fired due to not really having the skills to be an office worker.


You can play After The Credits for free in your browser here. It only lasts a few minutes, and it will probably leave you wondering how other video game characters would function in the “real” world once the game ends.

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