What Do You Do After Beating Yo-Kai Watch?

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Yo-Kai Watch only has 11 chapters, so there’s a good chance you’re nearing the end of the adventure. But the end isn’t really the end in this Nintendo 3DS game. There’s an epilogue, and a lot of additional activities open up after Nate or Kate helps clean up mischief in Springdale.


For example, you can’t upgrade your Yo-Kai watch to S Rank in-game until you’ve gotten through Yo-Kai Watch’s main questline. Once you do, you can head to Mr. Goodsight. He’ll ask you to fight the Appak at Hooligan Road, Impass at Liar Mountain, and Timidevil at Hungry Pass. Beat them and you can rank up.


That means finding a lot of new Yo-Kai, as each additional rank means getting to see new creatures in the wild. It’s a great means of encouraging people to revisit every area in Springdale during the day and night. Especially since special Yo-Kai that you couldn’t befriend in the main game, like Awevil, Corptain, Dromp, Grainpa, and Kyubi are all willing to tag along now that Nate and Kate have proven themselves. Many of them end up joining due to post-game quests, but others will happen to be in locations where you couldn’t go due to inexperience and lowered ranks before.




Perhaps the best place to go, though is the Infinite Inferno. It’s a bonus dungeon that you might have noticed in Breezy Hills during the main game, but could never access. This extra area can be accessed by getting the Mr. Stone’s wife’s key to the shrine hidden down the tunnel near the Shoten Temple. Bosses from the main game reappear here, as well as new bosses and Yo-Kai you may have only been able to get one of during the main game. (Jibanyan and Komasan are good examples.) Make sure you’re in a good place when you head into the Infinite Inferno, though, because you’ll need characters around at least level 60 to fight some of the bosses within.


The post-game could be considered Yo-Kai Watch’s greatest secret. If you rush, you could beat the main game easily in under 30 hours, but all of the extra quests, compendium completion, and Infinite Inferno exploration could double your playtime.


Yo-Kai Watch is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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